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Snare polypectomy in pedunculated colonic polyp

Snare polypectomy in pedunculated colonic polyp

Fouad Nejjari1,&, Aziz Aourarh2


1Gastroenterology Unit, 5th Military Hospital, Guelmim , Morocco, 2Gastroenterology I Unit, Mohamed V Military Teaching Hospital, Mohamed V- Souissi University, Rabat, Morocco



&Corresponding author
Fouad Nejjari, Gastroenterology Unit, 5th Military Hospital, Guelmim, Morocco



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A 55-year-old man with a familial history of colonic neoplasm presented for screening colonoscopy, he had no specific symptomatology, physical examination finding and biological exams were normal. A colonoscopy revealed a pedunculated polyp in the ascending colon with a peduncle of approximately 3cm in length surmounted by a polyp head about 1.5cm in diameter (A), the polyp was identified, the polypectomy snare was passed over the polyp and placed around the middle of the stalk. An electric current was then passed through the snare to cut through the polyp rod (B), thereby providing electrocautery at the same time, then the polyp was recovered using the snare by removing the colonoscope (C). There was no bleeding and no perforation and the patient was discharged within 1 day of endoscopic polypectomy. Anatomopathological examination revealled an adenomatous polyp with high-grade of dysplasia.



Figure 1: (A) endoscopic view of a pedunculated polyp in ascending colon; (B) snare polypectomy with complete resection of the polyp; (C) macroscopic appearance of the polyp after removal from the colon