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Herpes simplex eyelid infection

Herpes simplex eyelid infection

Narjisse Taouri1,&, Ouafae Cherkaoui1


1Mohammed V University Souissi, Department A of Ophthalmology, Rabat, Morocco



&Corresponding author
Narjisse Taouri, Mohammed V University Souissi, Department A of Ophthalmology, Rabat, Morocco



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We report a case of a 16-year-old-child, with no pathological history, who presented to the ophthalmic emergencies for the appearance of skin lesions on his right lower eyelid, with burning sensation, evolving in the last 3 days. With no additional ocular manifestations. Otherwise, the patient denied having a history of recurrent skin eyelid rushes, eye redness, or eye pain. The clinical examination revealed an area of ulceration, and found multiple small vesicles centrally along of the right lower eyelid, that attends the lid margin. While the slit lamp examination didn´t find any ocular surface involvement, and posterior segment examination was normal in both eyes. In our case, the patient diagnosed as herpes eyelid infection. He was treated topically with antiviral treatment (acyclovir). The eyelid lesions resolved without scarring. Herpes simplex virus (HSV) eye infection was reported by several authors as one of the causes of corneal blidness in the developed world. There are two herpes virus simplex that belongs to herpesviridae family: HSV that affects the oral and ocular regions which is type 1, and HSV that affects the genital area which is type 2. Various studies reports that primary infections are usually acquired during childhood. But recently, several authors reported that these infections are acquired during adolescence and adulthood. It is often asymptomatic, and in some cases it can presented as a blepharoconjunctivitis. After this initial infection when the virus reactivates, herpetic eye disease can manifest by severe eye infections, which can lead to blindness in some cases.



Figure 1: photograph of lower eyelid shows herpes simplex vesicles