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The PAMJ CM Images provides quick access to images published in the PAMJ Clinical Medicine. Images are submitted by clinical practitioners around the world to share unique clinical features for knowledge sharing and medical practice and training. Images in clinical Medical are published and under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).
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Acute giant post-coital vulvar hematoma
Nesrine Souayeh, Hajer Bettaieb
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 13: 29. Published 26 November 2023

A rare case of bilateral ankle fracture
Moustapha Etape, Paul Koulemou
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 13: 27. Published 22 November 2023

Granuloma Annulare
Laeequa Bayat, Nicola Anne Gray
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 13: 22. Published 24 October 2023

Aspect macroscopique de lipofibrome du nerf médian
Mohamed Lahdaili, Marouane Ait-Rahou
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 13: 21. Published 24 October 2023

La maladie des exostoses multiples: un cas rare
Mohamed Lahdaili, Abdessamad Laaribi
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 13: 20. Published 24 October 2023

Subcutaneous calcinosis revealed by an elbow trauma
Mohamed Lahdaili, Mohamed Nassiri
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 13: 15. Published 12 October 2023

Aspect clinique évident d´un cancer épidermoïde de la vulve
Aboubecrine Barick, Alpha Boubacar Conte
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 13: 12. Published 12 October 2023

Giant pleomorphic adenoma of the parotid gland
Marouane Balouki, Noureddine Errami
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 13: 8. Published 12 September 2023

Cas rare d´un syndrome de Rasmussen dans un contexte malformatif: aspects radiologiques
Ousmane Issoufou Hamma, Sidi Mansour Issoufou Hama
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 13: 3. Published 06 September 2023

Hémimégalencéphalie isolée sévère: aspects en neuroimagérie morphologique
Ousmane Issoufou Hamma, Laté Dzidoula Lawson
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 13: 2. Published 05 September 2023

An electrocardiography (ECG) artefact: pseudo-atrial flutter
Craig Corbett, Thadathilankal-Jess John
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 12: 45. Published 05 August 2023

Ocular ischemic syndrome reveals a syphilitic carotid stenosis
Ibrahim Boumehdi, Hala Elbelidi
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 12: 35. Published 18 July 2023

A rare case of giant cell tumor of medial epicondyle of right elbow managed with sandwich technique
Vivek Jadawala, Parth Shah
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 12: 34. Published 17 July 2023

Conjunctival epithelial downgrowth following trabeculectomy simulating chronic postoperative endophthalmitis
Kawtar Bouirig, Nihal El Arari
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 12: 33. Published 17 July 2023

Destructive humerus lytic lesion in metastatic breast cancer
Abdelwahed Soleh
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 12: 30. Published 14 July 2023

Volume 14 (Jan - Apr 2024)
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